Textile Technology

New approaches and innovations are in demand throughout the entire textile production sector. PROvendis offers attractive technologies from the field of textile engineering for licensing, to purchase or for development cooperation.

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Double face with high efficiency

This invention describes a process and a device for the production of double-face knitted fabrics using a double plating technique.


The invention in question here is a high-speed knitting process.


Researchers of the Niederrhein University have invented a method to produce electroluminescent textile surface by conventional printing methods.

Overlap Fix

Due to the limited needle shifting in state of the art weaving systems, current textile products present many limitations regarding their effectiveness and lifetime.

Process to produce fiber composite components

For a cost-efficient mass production of fiber composite components, it is essential to optimize the preparation of the near-net-shape textile preforms.

Oil float

Previous solutions or approaches to the elimination of oil spills on water surfaces consist either of actively working pumps, chemicals or materials that absorb the oil and then have to be cleaned or disposed of.

Rotating yarn guide

The invention disclosure here describes a traversing device for yarns with which the yarn position can be moved between two end positions.

Weft insertion via rotary roller

The invention disclosed here describes a traversing device for the lateral laying of a yarn for weft insertion in warp knitting machines.

Structured Yarn Coating

This invention describes a spraying process for the structured coating of a yarn with functional materials in a continuous process.