Communication Technology

PROvendis offers intelligent supply networks, modern means of communication and specialized software programs for licensing, to purchase or for development cooperation.

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MMOUE is an optical data transmission system, which uses in addition to the wavelength division multiplexing a mode multiplexing in order to increase the transmission rate.


Headphone-based binaural 3D audio gives us a realistic sound experience that can be enhanced even further by considering the head movements of the listener.

Wireless Data Bus Bridge

At the Aachen University of Applied Science, a method for the transmission of data in a bus system was presented, which enables wireless communication between the bus users with the aid of a transceiver.


Power Line Communication (PLC) is a data transmission technology, which plays an increasingly important role due to smart metering.


Authorities and organzisations with security tasks (BOS) require wireless communication systems that guarantee a particularly high degree of reliability against unauthorized interception or even manipulation of transmitted data by third parties.

Substitute for LIDAR sensors

Optical components like photodiodes have a variety of uses in sensors and telecommunications technology. Even with time-of-flight sensors, the light reflected by objects has to be converted into electrical signals in order to compute the distance or speed of said objects.

Hardware-based security module

The hardware-based security module enables authentication of common information processing devices without having to modify them. It can be used for Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC, Zigbee applications or proprietary data transmission systems, as well as for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It is more tamper-proof than previous encryption solutions.


Most current radio transmission techniques use locally generated signals for the demodulation of the received signals. The electronic devices like synthesizers and local oscillators needed for the demodulation are expensive and require much space.