Communication Technology

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Wireless Data Bus Bridge

At the Aachen University of Applied Science, a method for the transmission of data in a bus system was presented, which enables wireless communication between the bus users with the aid of a transceiver.


The invention GCAS covers the specific use case of real-time collision avoidance during operation by continuous position exchange across system boundaries of different secondary radar systems. This enables safe operation of multiple unmanned and manned aircraft in a common airspace.

Optical power supply

Quantum optical detectors are one of the markets of the future, but these detectors need to be heavily cooled. The novel system uses optical fibers for the energy supply, thus avoiding thermal bridges that occur with the usual use of copper lines. The photodiode then generates the required operating voltage for the detector from the light.

Improved satellite navigation

Position determination is of great commercial benefit for motor vehicles in logistics or agricultural technology, among others. A multi-antenna receiver system designed as a ballast at Münster University of Applied Sciences can enable high-precision position determination with conventional GNSS receivers down to a few centimeters.

Substitute for LIDAR sensors

Optical components like photodiodes have a variety of uses in sensors and telecommunications technology. Even with time-of-flight sensors, the light reflected by objects has to be converted into electrical signals in order to compute the distance or speed of said objects.


Most current radio transmission techniques use locally generated signals for the demodulation of the received signals. The electronic devices like synthesizers and local oscillators needed for the demodulation are expensive and require much space.