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Trityl radicals

Scientists at the University of Bielefeld developed asymmetric derivates of the so called Finland-Trityls for spectroscopic and analytical use.

Adhesives from lactic acid

The invention concerns the production of special copolymers based on poly-L-lactide (PLLA) and formulations of hot-melt pressure sensitive adhesives based on them.


The presented invention describes a composite electrode for lithium-ion or redox flow batteries made of organic material with very high cycling stability.


The present invention "Air-Retaining Grids Technology" describes a new possibility for the architecture and construction of surfaces which are able to keep a layer of gas stable even under changing pressure conditions when immersed in liquid. Structured, non-wettable surfaces are used for various applications, for example as self-cleaning surfaces.

Ligand-free production of gold nanoparticles

The invention related to a process for the preparation of ligand-free gold nanoparticles (Au-NP).

Nano-Goethite blocker

Scientists at the University of Duisburg-Essen have developed a method for modifying the hydraulic conductivity of sedimentary or rock layers.


Biological safety testing is required for air quality in the human environment such as cities, public buildings, and production sites for drugs and cosmetics, medical materials and for other applications.


Carbon monoxide (CO), which is endogenously produced mainly in the course of heme degradation, was recently recognized as a powerful cytoprotective and homeostatic agent.


The present invention focuses on a biocatalytic production process to aliphatic linear dinitriles, which avoids the need of hydrogen cyanide and leads to the desired products with excellent selectivity as in general no side-products were observed.


A new process for the formation of bi- or multi-axially oriented polymer structures has been developed.

Ultrastiff Hydrogels

Today Hydrogels are widely used in membranes e.g. in seawater desalination plants. Conventional hydrogels, however, have very low stiffness and therefore have to be embedded in supporting structures. This is a complicated process and prevents the membranes from being cleaned when they are clogged with microorganisms.

Biotechnological production of itaconic acid

Itaconic acid is one of the top bio-based chemical building blocks and thus a promising platform compound for the production of polymers, coatings, chemical compounds and biofuels.

Enantiomerically pure chiral N-acyl-a-aminonitriles

Enantiomerically pure N-acyl-a-aminonitriles gained these days interest in the pharmaceutical industry since a range of recently developed pharmaceuticals are based on this product class.

Aminolevulinic Acid from C1-Precursor

The production of aminolevulinic acid (ALA) is the first step in the biosynthesis of tetrapyrroles and porphyrines (like Chlorophyll, vitamin B12, heme).


A special process to coat SiO2 nanoparticles around with biocidal quaternary ammonium silanes has been achieved, so that the biocidal moiety points always outwards.


Scientists of the FH Münster developed several novel intrinsic antimicrobial polymers. State of the art antimicrobial polymers are polymers with antimicrobial additives such as silver or copper.

Multiphase Loop Reactor

Bioreactors and fermenters are often used in a multiphase design. The mixture of the phases leads to the development of foams and emulsions that cannot be separated afterwards.

P2Y 12-receptor antagonist

Purinergic receptors have been in the focus of drug discovery for many years. Modulation of P2 receptors in platelets is of paramount importance in regulating platelet function, and as a consequence, in controlling thrombotic diseases, which are the most common cause of morbidity and mortality in the Western world.

Extracellular production of designer HAAs

One important biosynthetic precursor of fatty alcohols is hydroxyalkanoyloxy alkanoic acid (HAA). HAA can be produced by microbes using sugars as substrate.

Enzymatic Bio-Coating

Biological coatings have a high potential for manifold applications, especially for medical applications or biodegradable coatings.


A process for an efficient phase separation of emulsions resulting from biphasic whole cell-bio-transformations has been developed at the TU Dortmund.

Cure for CLL

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is the most common adult leukemia in Western countries. The disease is very heterogeneous with some patients showing extremely slow progression while others proceed rapidly into advanced disease stages and require immediate treatment.


Continuous countercurrent centrifugal partition extraction is a special type of countercurrent extraction and is used for purification of mixtures.

FMED - Fluid matrix authentic substance scent source

The FMED Invention describes a preparation of moderately volatile organic explosives (e.g. TATP) in a fluid matrix. This solvent is chemically inert and olefactorically neutral.


Scientists from Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences and the University of Siegen have developed halogen-free polystyrenes that intrinsically contain flame retardant components in the polymer chain.


Scientists at the University of Bielefeld successfully synthesized tetrakis(perfluoralkyl)gallate, tetrakis(perfluoralkenyl)gallate, and tetrakis(perfluoralkinyl)gallate

Split Inteins Without Active Site Cysteine

Inteins are protein domains that auto-catalyze protein-splicing of their flanking regions with a peptide bond.