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Rotary piston pump

So far, the problem of sealing has been a major challenge when using rotary piston pumps.

Seal effectiveness doubled

The sealing concept consists of two independent seals. This provides additional safety. The gaskets are particularly suitable for plastic flanges. Only low forces are required and leakages are avoided. Extensive measurements have already been carried out.

Injection unit for micro injection molding

Thanks to a new type of integration of the shut-off needle into the injection plunger and clever guidance of the plastic melt, the production of miniature and micro components becomes more economical and energy-efficient.

Grooved nozzle

Optimierte Kombi Düse für den isotroperen 3D- Druck. Kombination aus spezifisch geformter Düsenöffnung mit druckbasierter Anlegung an die bestehenden Stränge beim FDM.

Optimized radial compressor

Moving blades can be used in compressors, superchargers and exhaust gas turbochargers to increase overall efficiency by extending the operating range. This new technology was developed at the University of Duisburg-Essen and can be used across all industries.

Efficient fuel cells

The efficiency in fuel cells can be increased by using the waste heat of the fuel cell and the pressure energy of the hydrogen tanks. A system module consisting of a turbine with generator and a heat exchanger can significantly increase the overall efficiency of the process in the fuel cell.

String Locks

The tuning stability of stringed instruments - e.g. guitars - depends, among other things, on the fixation of the two string ends. The underlying invention optimizes this by using small clamping components ("bullets") whose use does not require any modification measures and is always reversible. These clamping components thus lead to increased tuning stability in stringed instruments and at the same time to less (time-) consuming string changes. The bullets are used either on the machine head or on the bridge.

Continuous 3D printing

In order to be able to use 3D printing systems economically and efficiently in series production, the available installation space in the 3D printer must be used optimally for each print or production batch. Thanks to an inclined arrangement of the build platform, the process offers the opportunity to economically mass-produce components despite a high variety of geometries. This is necessary, for example, for medical technology components that have to be adapted to individual structures or body geometry (e.g. dental orthopedics, sports equipment, etc.) and may also have to be fed continuously without batch operation.

Hydrophobic Phytic Acid Conversion

The innovation presented here concerns the production and use of hydrophobic phytic acid derivatives as an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional phosphate corrosion protection pre-treatments for steel.

Window for high temperatures

For the monitoring of highly complex processes in closed reaction vessels, it would often be desirable to be able to observe the process and monitor it by means of optical measuring systems.

Rotating yarn guide

The invention disclosure here describes a traversing device for yarns with which the yarn position can be moved between two end positions.