Medical Technology

PROvendis offers innovative medical technologies and products for licensing, to purchase or for development cooperation. The portfolio includes medical devices and complex medical equipment, implants, prosthetic devices, stents, and catheters.

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Protective cover made of yeast

Yeast cells are a by-product of beer and bioethanol production and are therefore readily available.

Rotary piston pump

So far, the problem of sealing has been a major challenge when using rotary piston pumps.

EasyDMEK Shooter – PrepLoad-Tool

Corneal transplantation is the most frequently performed and most successful organ transplantion in medicine. Each layer of the cornea can develop its own disease.

Cartilage-specific antimicrobial CLEC3A

Bacterial infection is one of the most frequent complications in joint replacement and dental implant surgery. The incidence of septic arthritis following total joint arthroplasty is approximately 2%, leading to massive health problems and considerable cost to the national economy.

Individualize and thereby optimize radiotherapy

The success of radiotherapy decisively depends on how sensitive the tumour is to radiation.


Careful control of the patient's blood temperature is imperative in cardiac surgery. The heat exchangers used for this purpose are usually integrated in the oxygenator of the heart-lung machine.


Athletes, such as marathon runners and cyclists, often resort to training at higher altitude areas, in order to optimize their endurance. The atmosphere in such locations has lower oxygen content, which forces the human body to compensate for the reduced oxygen uptake by increasing hemoglobin concentration in blood.

Orthodontic Duplex Pliers

In orthodontics, there is a multitude of intraoral devices and wires that can be activated by bending. However, due to restricted access, wire bending is often difficult if not impossible, especially in the palatine region and lingual of the mandible.


The invention discloses a device for the quantitative diagnosis of bruxism, thus allowing to determine the degree of bruxism activity.

CMOS biosensors

Production process for a highly sensitive biosensor made from a crossed nanowire-structure field-effect transistor. The cost effective CMOS compatible production process allows for e.g. biosignal monitoring of molecules like c-reactive protein (CRP), cardiac troponin (cTnI), electrogenic cells, or peptides such as amyloid-beta.


Magnetic particles are often used to transport and/or separate biomolecules such as DNA or proteins. These particles have biochemically functionalized surfaces and are used as markers in analytical biotechnology and medical technology.


With extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, the physician only has oxygenators in a few different sizes. A suitable volume would be particularly important for infants and small children in order to relieve the blood circulation.


This invention describes a novel cardiotomy reservoir based on the degassing technology of liquids.