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Dynamic Range Extender

The present invention describes a device for the recovery of electrical energy from electromagnetic radiation. To power electronic devices, there are different approaches.

Efficient H2O decomposition

Due to the low overvoltages and excellent kinetics for the hydrogen evolution reaction, mainly precious metals such as Pt, Rh, Au and containing precious metal oxides such as RuO2 and RhxCr2-xO3 have been used as co-catalysts for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution.


In the transmission of electrical transmission lines, in which the overhead lines carry both AC and DC cables, special requirements arise for the protection concept. This applies in particular to contact errors between the alternating current and the direct current system.


Due to the increasing number of decentralized power feeder it becomes more and more difficult to keep up the stability of the power grid.


Our society’s increasing energy demand requires a high degree of uninterrupted utilization of power generation plants.

Oil float

Previous solutions or approaches to the elimination of oil spills on water surfaces consist either of actively working pumps, chemicals or materials that absorb the oil and then have to be cleaned or disposed of.

Method for current measurement in half-bridge topologies

A number of different instrument transformers are used to determine voltage and current in regulated power electronics. Current measurement becomes more and more difficult with increasing current intensity, especially since the switching frequencies increase due to the use of modern (e.g. GaN) transistors and parasitic properties of the sensors must be minimized.


The electrical power grid is undergoing a major transformation. Increasing numbers of decentralized feeders have been added in recent years and, in the future, there will be a large number of charging stations for electric vehicles that temporarily draw a large amount of electrical power from the power grid.

Fault Identification in DC Grids

The proportion of electricity generated by renewable energies is growing steadily, as is the proportion of DC power in the energy consumption.