Textile Technology

Rotating yarn guide - Traversing device for textile machines

Ref.-No. 5416

Keywords: Changing device, thread supply, winding up, shot thread delivery

The invention disclosure here describes a traversing device for yarns with which the yarn position can be moved between two end positions. This is required, for example, when winding a yarn bobbin or for weft insertion during knitting. A rotating yarn guide and a slit-shaped straight edge are to be used for this purpose. The continuous movement avoids the high acceleration forces that would otherwise occur at the reversal points of an oscillating rod. Which allows faster speeds to be achieved.

Competitive Advantages

  • Faster processing speeds
  • High economic advantages
  • Reduction in process costs

Commercial Opportunities

The process is particularly suitable for weft feeding in warp knitting machines.  The invention can also be used for all types of high-speed winders.

Current Status

A patent has been filed for the invention. A prototype is to be built and tested as part of a project. On behalf of Hochschule Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, PROvendis offers interested companies licenses for the invention and patent application.

An invention of HS Niederrhein.

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